Sister Films released shorts

Our catalogue of short films include from Daniel Mulloy: Dance Floor, Sister, Antonio's Breakfast, Dad, Son and Baby.

Baby (2010)


A young woman is followed home by a stranger. Running time 25:00


Son (2007)

In the confines of an underground theatre's vaults, a young boy finds himself trapped. Running time 17:30


Dad (2007)

A husband and wife remain sexually active in later life to the disgust of their son. Running time 7:00

Sundance European Academy Awards Sapporo

Antonio's Breakfast (2006)

A young man and his friends make room for a father's needs. Running time 16:00

Sundance BAFTA Sapporo

Sister (2005)

Richard tries hard to fit into his adoptive home in the mountains of Wales, but one cold morning his life take a turn for the worse. Running time 12:00

BAFTA Sapporo

Dance Floor (2002)

Ola spends her nights in one of London's most exclusive clubs but she has never set foot on the dance floor. Running time 7:32


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